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Wellesley Finance makes loans solely to businesses (these business loans include but are not limited to business development finance, business buy-to-let, and first/second charge loans for business purposes). As a result, these loans do not have the benefit of the protection and remedies that would be available to you as a consumer in the context of a non-business loan. Wellesley Finance is not permitted to undertake retail loans to consumers. If you are a retail consumer seeking a non-business loan, you should not seek to obtain a loan from us. Business loans will be secured on relevant assets and these assets are at risk in the event of the loan being in default. A property asset may be repossessed if repayments are not kept up on a loan or other asset secured on it. If you need advice on any of these matters, or you are in any doubt as to the consequences of taking out a loan with Wellesley Finance (including not being regulated), you should seek independent advice from an appropriately qualified professional. Wellesley Finance recommends that you consider whether a potential business loan meets your own creditworthiness, risk levels and objectives. You should be seeking to borrow funds only if you believe that your business activities are capable of repaying those funds and that you have considered the required repayments in relation to your other financial commitments.

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About Us

Fast, flexible finance, created to support ambitious, experienced property developers

Wellesley Finance is a UK based property finance lender. We lend to experienced property developers whose loans are secured upon tangible residential or commercial property assets. In an environment where high street banks and other lenders have been reluctant to extend finance, Wellesley has been bridging this gap since 2013.

Wellesley is an independent British business, all our funding is privately-backed, giving us a significant competitive advantage in our decision-making.

Graham Wellesley
The success of the Wellesley Finance lending business requires both entrepreneurship and the rigorous exercise of commercial judgement. The nature of our core markets requires this approach to be tempered by high standards of underwriting, due diligence and asset management, and a clear credit risk framework. Critical to this is an understanding and articulation of the key transactional risks.
Graham Wellesley
CEO & Founder
To date,
we have issued:
Funding over
£670 million

We are property finance experts

We have a strong experienced board which ensures robust governance, whilst our specialist origination team is run by highly experienced lenders with a wealth of property expertise. Their deep understanding of the property sector means we do more than simply provide finance. We act as a trusted adviser for our clients, thereby minimising the risks and optimising the profitability of their projects. We have built our business on genuine customer centricity, delivering a market-leading personal and efficient service, tailored to the needs of clients and brokers alike.

We provide a tailored service

Every finance application is assessed on its own merits with a truly flexible approach that allows loan facilities to be structured and priced to suit both the borrower and the project. As a principal lender, funds can be made available quickly since no requirement exists to wait for outside investor or shareholder approval before providing the loan.

We build long-term relationships

We regard solid sector expertise, rapid decision-making, a solid funding base and a commitment to first-class service as the foundations for a strong and enduring relationship with our borrowers – today, tomorrow, ten years down the line, our idea of working together is a true partnership.


Wellesley has proven both flexible and fast. They have supported me fully throughout the scheme and it has felt like they have acted as my partners rather than as my lender.
Stephen Beech
Beech Properties
We are very happy. Wellesley’s response to our application was expeditious and clear, the terms set out in the first instance did not change when agreements were drafted, the borrowing rates were in line with expectations and the whole approach was business-like and professional. Things have got off to an excellent start and we see no reason why it cannot be a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.
Alex Dawson
Eight Property Limited
The process has been painless. All those I have encountered during the progression of my application and acceptance of my loan have been most accommodating. I am very happy with Wellesley and cannot recommend them enough.
Guy Pheonix
Tanglewood Development

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