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Wellesley Finance makes loans solely to businesses (these business loans include but are not limited to business development finance, business buy-to-let, and first/second charge loans for business purposes). As a result, these loans do not have the benefit of the protection and remedies that would be available to you as a consumer in the context of a non-business loan. Wellesley Finance is not permitted to undertake retail loans to consumers. If you are a retail consumer seeking a non-business loan, you should not seek to obtain a loan from us. Business loans will be secured on relevant assets and these assets are at risk in the event of the loan being in default. A property asset may be repossessed if repayments are not kept up on a loan or other asset secured on it. If you need advice on any of these matters, or you are in any doubt as to the consequences of taking out a loan with Wellesley Finance (including not being regulated), you should seek independent advice from an appropriately qualified professional. Wellesley Finance recommends that you consider whether a potential business loan meets your own creditworthiness, risk levels and objectives. You should be seeking to borrow funds only if you believe that your business activities are capable of repaying those funds and that you have considered the required repayments in relation to your other financial commitments.

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May 26, 2017

West London - May 2017

Wellesley Finance provided a swift drawdown for a £8.6million loan within a period of 12 working days, for a Development Scheme in Chiswick. The Wellesley team worked closely with the developers to provide finance for conversion and refurb scheme of 25 flats in a West London Suburb.

Loan Size: £8.6m

LTGDV: 66%

GDV: £13.12m

LTC: 79%

Term: 12 months

Expedient Service: The Wellesley Finance team demonstrated their ability to deliver desired results within a tight deadline. The transaction emphasised the professionalism of both the Wellesley team and the Borrower.

Cardiff Bay - May 2017


A stunning Grade II Listed Building to be renovated and extended into 24 stunning apartments by a local family based development business. Located in a prime location with good links to the city centre, Wellesley Finance will be supporting this phased development over the course of the next few years.  This scheme will target the local property market and first time buyers within the bay area.

Loan Size: £4.8m

LTGDV: 63%

GDV: £7.7m

LTC: 72%

Term: 21 months

Regeneration: Wellesley Finance were presented with an opportunity to fund one of the last undeveloped parcels of land in the Cardiff Bay area seeing practical completion of all phases in approximately 5 years.

Outer London District - April 2017 

Wellesley Finance has funded a new deal to build 28 residential apartments in the suburban district of South London, by an award-winning Property Developer. The development has excellent transport links to London and is suitable for first-time buyers, small families and owner occupiers within the Help-to-Buy Scheme. Wellesley Finance has stretched the debt for the project, based on the extensive and accomplished track record of the Borrower.

Loan Size: £8.12m

LTGDV: 70%

GDV: £11.6m

LTC: 91%

Term: 24 months

Senior Stretch Funding: Our bespoke service to tailor our loans to the needs of the Developer has been demonstrated with this facility. The award-winning team gave Wellesley Finance the confidence to stretch the funding marginally against LTC and LTGDV.

Essex - April 2017

Wellesley Finance has recently commissioned the conversion of a large office block, into over 200 residential units in Essex. Wellesley Finance has previously worked with the developer and has built a strong working relationship. The development will offer good quality, affordable homes suitable for first time buyers and investors.

Loan Size: £32m

LTGDV: 61%

GDV: £52.4m

LTC: 78%

Term: 30 months

Larger Bespoke Solutions: The Wellesley Finance Relationship Management team have demonstrated their ability to provide continually provide solutions for existing Wellesley Borrowers. The vast experience and capabilities of the developers allows us to fund even larger projects with them, given they proven credibility as a Wellesley Borrower.

Central Birmingham - March 2017


Wellesley Finance is currently working with an experienced local Developer, to achieve 40 new-build apartments within the West Midlands area. The development will focus on targeting young professionals who are first-time buyers whilst also appealing to the investor market. The Borrower is held in very high regard within the development industry throughout the Midlands and has expressed how impressed they have been with Wellesley’s flexible funding approach.

Loan size: £5.25 million

LTGDV: 60%

GDV: £8.66 million

LTC: 88%

Term: 22-month

Relationship Management: A consecutive Developer that was known to the Wellesley Finance Origination team. Thanks to a comprehensive knowledge of the Borrower operation and activity, a unique funding solution that met their specific requirements was offered.

Salford, Manchester - February 2017


We have recently funded a multi-unit phased development in Salford with a family based construction company who have over 40 years’ experience in the property market.  The Development will see the construction of six blocks containing  368 residential apartments with basement parking and ground floor commercial and retail space. The project is considered to be supporting the local owner occupier and rental market and has been well received by the Local Authority.

Loan size: £39.9 million

LTGDV: 51%

GDV: £79 million

LTC: 69%

Term: 54-month

Tailored Solutions: Wellesley Finance offer a tailored approach to all Borrowers looking to obtain funding for their projects. This large multi-phased scheme highlight Wellesley’s ability to do so when taking into account the size of the transaction, the term and the commercial element of the development.

Outer London Suburb - December 2016


Wellesley Finance has partnered with a Developer who holds over 25 years’ experience working on large scale residential, commercial and hotel developments. This scheme will provide approximately 16,000sqft of commercial space and 28 apartments of varied design aimed at owner occupiers.

Loan size: £16.5 million

LTGDV: 61%

GDV: £26.9 million

LTC: 72%

Term: 24-month

Expedient Service: Wellesley Finance employs an open channel of communication between itself, the Developers and the respective 3rd party professionals. This flexible approach saw Wellesley Finance work closely with the Borrower, Mezzanine and Equity Funders to facilitate acquisition of the site within a four-week timescale.